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We specialized in creating delicious cakes using fresh ingredients and bringing out their finest to our dessert selection. We only use the freshest and finest ingredients in our cakes and pastries, including - real butter, fresh free range eggs, 100% Canadian diary whipped cream, and European chocolate. Each cake and pastry are handcrafted the moment you order. Whether you need a birthday cake, graduation cake, anniversary cake, wedding cake, or a cake for another special occasion, we have a cake for every celebration.


Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled bakery products and experience. Our talented team of bakers uses the freshest of ingredients and cutting edge techniques to create a product that are truly superior in quality.


Aty started baking as a child, 7years old helping my Mum baking cakes and making snacks, not really enjoying it then but it was a task I must do, only enjoys eating the ready product 🤗 but I licked a lot of the batter when creaming 😂 you know what a Nigerian Mum can do at that point…. At age 15 I started baking on my own, I was helpful to my home economics teacher when she bakes for the school, learnt some things from her especially piping roses with royal icing on toothpicks , umh! Those pink roses 🌹 I started baking for money at age 16, reading and learning more tips from Wilton cake books, at age 24 after the unexpected demise of my Dad, baking became a full time business for me, registered my first business name Aty-Nel which later became Aty-Jimil after my weddings at age 27 with God as my director. Every cake I design/ created, ideas all came from God so my motto became God directs we design.

Our Bakery


Food safety is at the heart of everything we do and we take it very seriously. We follow industry-leading health & safety guidelines so you can be confident that every Sugaholics product is safe and healthy for your loved ones. Every product is hand crafted from scratch and meticulously checked before they leave our shop to make sure they meet our exacting standards and put a smile on your face.